Bingo – How It Is Gaining In Popularity All Over The World


Bingo is one of those games that are always popular, regardless of the economic state of any country. In the United States, bingo has been a favorite game of opportunity where each individual player simultaneously plays cards printed with the numbers that are being called out by the game master, marking the chosen numbers with dice symbols placed on the cards. A number of well-known variations of bingo have grown in popularity in recent years. The following is an explanation of these various varieties:

– American Bingo: This is an American version of the traditional bingo game played in bingo halls. The rules are the same as those played in traditional halls, with three numbers, or “cards”, up for grabs and then the game play commences. The number of players who start plays will depend on the hall, where the bingo game is played. If there are not enough players to start a match, the game will be continued until there are players who are willing to take the challenge.

– Double Bingo: In this version of bingo, two identical cards are laid out with numbers between 1 and 12 on each side. The caller will indicate a number by rubbing the centre of one card with a finger. Players mark their marks using a special kind of card called the bingo ticket. As in the case of the regular Bingo ticket, the numbers that are used to mark the cards are drawn randomly.

– Commercial Bingo: The commercial version is played in many bingo clubs as well as online sites. In this game, players submit their highest bid against other callers for a particular prize. The caller gets to choose from a fixed set of numbers. The numbers used here are the regular numbers used in the game. This is the most popular variety of bingo that is played all over the world in places like America, UK and Canada.

– High Five Bingo: This game is played in electronic bingo halls like High stakes Bingo, Millionaire Bingo and Superlotto Bingo. The main difference between high five and regular Bingo is that the number of bids that a caller makes does not count when it comes to his winnings. This allows players to use low bids and still have the chance of winning. This feature makes it more challenging to win a superlotto.

– North Ireland Bingo: In this version of bingo, the cards have numbers in the place of the conventional bingo numbers. It has been a favorite among the loyalists of the north since its inception. In the early years, bingo halls in the north were frequented by IRA men who intended to raise funds. Now, as the loyalist cease to be a threat, the game has taken on a new meaning among the citizens of the north.

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