Casino Game Online Roulette: A Popular Hit with All Players


What Makes Certain Games of Roulette Popular?

Roulette has been for the longest time a casino classic. The past two centuries were about roulette played at land-based casinos, but this has been rapidly changing since the 90s. Instead of sticking to land-based casinos, many players have preferred the comfort of online roulette elsewhere. In places such as Brazil, people go to to catch themselves up on why online casino roulette games are actually the best.

There are many roulette games and portals around the world, and websites such as have a simple mission of explaining one of the oldest casino games that seems to be an integral and inseparable part of the gaming ecosystem of any casino. Today, we take a look at casino games online roulette and why it plays such an important part of any Internet casino.

Why is Online Roulette So Popular?

Online roulette is a great upgrade of the classic version of the game. You will be quite happy to know that the game is actually modeled completely after the classic versions, but this is where the similarities stop.

The Internet version of the game is so much more flexible that it allows players of different backgrounds and different bankrolls to come together and find a game that will bring them together. While the retail game often requires quite the steep entry buy-ins, you will notice that you can usually place a 0.10 bet at online roulette.

Sure, the excitement of the game will be slightly reduced as there are no other gamblers to share the experience with, but the good news is that you needn’t really worry about a thing. There are ways that online roulette manages to inspire the same level of excitement in the Internet version just as well.

Thanks to live games, you can get a great experience that will stick with you, and last and the arrival of new technologies elevate the traditional roulette experience beyond your boldest dreams.

What Are the Most Popular Versions of Roulette?

That is a great question. While there seem to be almost countless new variants of the game, many people are traditionalists, and they enjoy the same versions. Usually, the two main differences between the games are that they rotate between single and double zero wheels.

The main versions that represent these wheels are European, American, and French. Of the three, American is the only version that has a double zero. A double zero basically means that that the house has a slightly bigger house edge there, and that is the way this works.

So, what makes American roulette so tempting to most players if it has inherently worse odd? Well, it adds new features and bet types, and that is precisely why so many people are actually quite willing to explore it.

Meanwhile, European and French are great options for at least several reasons. The first one is that European is a single zero roulette with a great house edge. This means that you have a fantastic chance of having a balanced play.

But if you want to get even better trade-offs, you should try the French version. Why? Because French roulette comes with the Le Partage and En Prison rules which take aim at the 0 and make sure that you have a slightly more advantageous play.

Should You Only Play Popular Roulette?

There is no obligation to play one version of the game over another. Ultimately, you are free to choose and pick from the game that makes you the happiest. Players who stick with one version of the game over another will often find themselves tempted to try some different ones.

There are plenty of great games, actually. It’s not just European, American, or French. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of awesome titles to try, such as Live Roulette, for example. Wait, did we say live roulette? Yes, we sure did!

As it turns out, live roulette is actually quite exciting. It’s an easy way to get a real, life-like roulette experience but without the need to travel to a casino which is a great added bonus. There are numerous awesome versions to try.

You can play Lightning Roulette or Mini Roulette (which is not a liv version of the game, but a great bit of fun all the same). These different versions won’t necessarily provide you with the best payouts in the end of the day, but they are not designed nor expected to.

Still, you can hit a massive payday with the 500x multiplier that is available to Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, but the overall RTP will be a bit lower. Bottom line, you should always play the version of roulette that you are the happiest with, and that’s the best piece of advice we can give you.

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