How to Host a Casino-Themed Party at Home


If Lady Luck is on your side, a casino-themed party could be in order. This festive theme makes an impactful statement at birthdays, graduations and New Year’s Eve parties (a la Ocean’s 11), pre-wedding events or fundraisers.

Invite guests to dress like Vegas casino gamblers by asking them to don their finest suits and gowns, along with card- and dice-themed decorations to further create the atmosphere.


Card-themed decor is essential to hosting successful casino parties, and there are several affordable ways to incorporate it. Streamers and balloons with hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs adorned with hearts is easy and quick to hang while DIY playing cards make lovely party favors and cupcake toppers!

Make your guests feel like VIPs by creating an extravagant red carpet entrance complete with handmade signs and velvet rope. Take it one step further by including photo booth or DJ services which play music related to the theme of your party.

Create the illusion of casino atmosphere at your party space by hanging red and black streamers, LED dice-shaped lights or green felt tablecloths on tables for added realism.


An elegant casino-themed party can be an enjoyable and cost-effective way to mark birthdays, anniversaries, or dinner parties. Just make sure that it meets with your budget constraints before proceeding – be sure that guest lists and locations have all been finalized and your event location chosen!

Make sure your guests enjoy themselves by offering plenty of games to choose from, such as blackjack, roulette or slot machines. To maximize their fun at your event.

Complement your gaming tables by adding decorative props that make for an Instagram-worthy photo booth experience. These may include anything from shimmering curtains to balloon arches. Furthermore, consider setting up a table of themed desserts – such as poker card or domino cookies – which tie into their theme perfectly.


One of the top casino-themed party ideas involves food. Provide inexpensive yet delicious finger foods such as fried chicken, tater tots, chicken fingers, cheese sticks, mushroom caps and jalapeno poppers along with various dipping sauces for guests to enjoy.

Add some luxurious items to your buffet if your budget allows. Lobster cheese puffs make a delicious baked addition and will set the scene for your casino themed event.

If you have a large group, ordering food from a catering service may also help create the casino atmosphere. Be sure to include desserts that reflect gambling such as chocolate poker chips, roulette cupcakes and slot machine sugar cookies. Adding themed drinks like Queen of Hearts Bloody Mary and Poker Face Mojito are another way to create the right ambiance.


An important element of any casino-themed party is providing guests with appropriate drinks. Set up a bar offering popular casino drinks, such as rum and coke, vodka martini, etc. You could add your own touch by offering signature casino cocktails such as “Queen of Hearts Bloody Mary” and “Poker Face Mojito”.

Make sure to provide an array of bite-sized appetizers as well. Cocktail servers or friends could play this role to deliver tray-passed goodies – such as bruschetta, crab artichoke dip and buffalo wings are great examples.

Make Jell-O shots as an alternative non-alcoholic drink at your party and add an extra dash of fun with them. They make for great non-alcoholic cocktails and can even be served up in glasses decorated with cherry for decoration!


No matter the theme of your party, from James Bond “Casino Royale”-themed to Harlem Nights-inspired events, invitations are essential in setting the scene and getting people excited. There are many options available from paper invitations to digital ecards – something suitable for every style and budget!

Make your guests part of the theme by decorating with cards and dice. Poker chips make an obvious table decoration choice, but you could also incorporate them into desserts by creating playing card cupcake toppers or filling cookies with icing that resembles dominoes and slots.

Music is also an essential element. Compile a playlist featuring classic tunes that perfectly represent your event’s theme or hire a DJ/live band to set the perfect ambiance. Finally, consider setting up a photo booth so guests can leave with mementoes of their night.

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