The Secrets of Casino Hosts


As soon as a casino players club membership is acquired, a host is automatically assigned. This challenging job demands emotional intelligence.

These hosts dispense free items to keep their patrons gambling – making them some of the most powerful marketers in the business.


Casino hosts are responsible for building relationships between existing premium players and new high-value ones, as well as attracting them. Achieve these tasks can be challenging and requires certain skills and personality traits in order to succeed.

Comp decisions at casinos are typically determined based on the potential theoretical losses they expect you to accrue during your trip, which they determine by considering games played, house edge percentage and amount spent – this allows casinos to quickly determine whether you qualify for certain free items or not.

Casinos often go the extra mile to give high rollers special VIP treatment, such as chauffeured cars, luxury suites, spa experiences and free dinners. Furthermore, they may arrange private shopping experiences or provide free tickets to shows or sporting events; and waive withdrawal limits and fees so your casino experience will be truly memorable and worthwhile! It is an invaluable way to maximize the return on investment you are investing.


Many hosts maintain a list of “whales,” whom they will do whatever it takes to maintain. From free meals and private blackjack tables with special dealers, to offering bonuses based on theoretical loss calculations which take into account which games you play, how long they last and the money risked; compensation decisions can then be determined based on this criteria.

Hosts must celebrate with players when they win and show empathy when they lose, requiring both high emotional intelligence and an outgoing personality. Interacting with guests all day long may drain introverts; on the other hand, extroverts find it invigorating. In order to successfully play their boundary-spanning roles as casino hosts, strong sales skills must also be developed; to successfully persuade departments like hotels, credit, F&B or gaming into fulfilling customer requests without conflict, as well as provide evidence. When requested pay raises they must support these claims with proof.

Premium Players

Being a premium player has its advantages, including free access to high-profile events. From Champions League matches and Beyonce concerts to sporting matches and opera performances, VIP hosts often have the inside track on what can help get tickets for you quickly and easily arranged at no extra cost – something many players are searching for when looking for the ideal casino experience! For more information regarding this benefit, contact your Gold or Ruby level VIP Host now.


Rewards programs are an effective way for casinos to thank loyal customers and encourage them to continue playing. Most often these reward systems include a point system whereby each dollar spent earns points that increase as you move up in tier – thus unlocking even greater benefits and incentives!

At the top tiers, you can even have your own VIP host who will guide you through enhanced promotional offers based on your play style. These could include exclusive event invites or luxury gifts tailored specifically for you!

VIP hosts offer real-world meetups in luxurious settings, often around major offline sporting events like Champions League games or Beyonce concerts. Their assistance can prove invaluable should you want to take your partner with you.

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