The Ultimate Casino Party Guide – Hosting a Spectacular Gambling Night


Casino-themed parties offer more than poker chips and cards; they’re about creating an atmosphere of high stakes Las Vegas excitement where everyone feels like winners! Here’s how to host one successfully.

By offering a buffet style meal, you can avoid seating your guests or passing passed hors d’oeuvres. Make sure your tablescape features DIY playing card cupcake toppers and filled cookies in keeping with the theme.


At your first party, the key will be finding an ideal location that satisfies both your budget and how easily your guests can reach it.

Casinos come in all forms: dedicated venues, private homes or bars – make sure your space fits with the theme you have in mind; this may mean adorning it with giant dice and playing cards, inviting casino-themed DJs/bands in, etc. Many Peerspaces provide all necessary audio/visual equipment; speak with your host for more details.


A theme selection is essential when planning a casino night event. This can help narrow down venue and space options, decor items, games available and food options available to you.

Opting for a themed event such as wild in Vegas, VIP glam, old timey riverboat or The Great Gatsby will help your guests dress to impress and get them in the right frame of mind for fun. This will set off their imagination and get everyone feeling festive!

Once you select a theme, everything else will come into place quickly: invites, decorations, costumes, music and play money all should tie into it seamlessly. Send out invitations around one month prior to your party date using this Greenvelope design and personalize it to include all the party details.


No matter if your casino night will take place at home or a hotel, it is advisable to send out invitation cards informing guests of its date and time, venue type, food menu options and drinks provided at your event.

Choose cards with images that complement the theme and party environment, for instance if hosting a Las Vegas-themed casino party you could use the Las Vegas sign and other related imagery in the cards as decorations; further personalizing by adding text with your own messages – for a touch of class consider printing the cards on luxe paper!


Casino-themed parties don’t just have to focus on gambling – table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker can be rented out for an added dimension of fun – with guests using “fun money” instead of real cash; top performers winning prizes!

Setting the perfect party atmosphere requires music. Gather a playlist featuring classic Vegas and gambling songs or hire a DJ/band to set a party atmosphere that makes all your guests happy!

Finally, ask your guests to dress up. Men can don tuxedos or black suits while women should don their finest evening gowns for added atmosphere – giving the feeling they have just entered Las Vegas! This adds another level of excitement!

Food & Drink

Going to a casino can be more than an exciting evening of gambling and hoping for big wins – it can also provide delicious food and beverages to enjoy while gambling!

Assimilate your guests into the spirit of your event with themed invitations – such as playing cards, laser cut invites featuring James Bond-esque features or flapper invitations for prohibition era soirees. Or send out group emails or text messages featuring themed graphics and information.

Serve light snacks and drinks for an informal gathering, or indulge guests with luxurious fare like truffle-infused pasta, lobster rolls or artisanal sliders presented beautifully using tiered serving platters, elegant table linens and decorative accents like flower arrangements.


An casino party gives guests the opportunity to enjoy all their favourite casino games – like blackjack and roulette – without risking real money! Instead, guests play using fun money (similar to playing cards) which will then be totalled up at the end of the night by dealer dealers and an award presented to the biggest winner!

No matter if it’s for a private or corporate event, charity fundraiser, or any other type of gathering – prizes for your guests are an integral component. Prizes could range from cash awards or event tickets, vacation packages or electronics like televisions depending on what kind of gathering it is.

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