Unknown Secrets of Casinos


There are a few unknown secrets about casinos. First of all, every spin in a slot machine is independent of the previous one. If you have won a jackpot on a previous spin, the odds of winning it again on a subsequent spin are almost the same. This secret is one of the things that casinos would rather keep from players. As such, the next time you play, you should not expect to win thousands of dollars, but instead, aim to win at a low enough level to make you a big winner.

Then, you must know that the RNG games in a casino are designed to keep players alert and on the edge of their seats. They use music, animations, and sound effects to keep patrons on their toes. Consequently, most patrons lose their seats before they run out of bankroll. Knowing about these tricks can help you beat the casino. Knowing them will also help you to get the best deals when you play at the casino.

Another one of the unknown secrets of casinos is the placement of slot machines. While it might seem that this strategy is common sense, casinos place premium slots in high-traffic areas. This is because these are the areas with the most foot traffic. For example, premium slots are located near connecting areas and entrances. The casino wants the players to think that the machines are randomly placed. But this is a deception! By learning about slot machine placement, you will be better equipped to avoid them.

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